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                 etes & Bounds Landscape Design offers services that fall into one of three general categories: Consultation, Site Design, or Master Planning.

Consultation—The purpose of consultation is to provide professional guidance to address specific areas of concern where drawings may or may not be needed.  Recommendations are made either verbally at the property, or in written form; therefore a property survey is usually not needed or required. Some examples may include field locating trees for planting, making horticultural recommendations, involving other qualified professionals to resolve an issue, providing sketch drawings, doing research, providing written memos outlining an analysis or specific course of action, etc.

Site Design—The purpose of Site Design is to create a design solution for a specific area, or for a group of closely related areas, usually in relationship to existing structures. A professional survey showing existing topography, vegetation, existing building locations, etc. is beneficial, but is not always required.  The process for Site Design generally consists of three parts:

Conceptual Design—Development of a single design concept for a specific area

Construction Documents—Creating technical drawings & specifications that outline specific methods & materials to be used during construction

ConstructionProviding a turnkey installation of the design

Master Planning—Master Planning is used to plan the most attractive, efficient, & effective use of a property, usually on a larger scale involving the proposed locations of buildings, fences, roadways, special landforms, etc.  Master Planning almost always requires a professional survey showing existing topography, vegetation, existing building locations, etc.  The process for Master Planning generally consists of three parts:

Schematic Design—Includes multiple, sketch-type drawings to show many possible configurations of the proposed landscape elements, such as buildings, fences, roadways, site amenities, etc.

Design Development—Refining multiple ideas into a single design concept

Site Design—Creating design solutions for specific areas

Upon request, Metes & Bounds will submit a proposal outlining a Scope of Service that is specific to a particular need.  Excluding consultation, most services that are offered by Metes & Bounds Landscape Design occur in fairly distinct phases to which our clients are only committed one at a time. This is because the beginning of the process is hand-in-glove, meaning that the design is dependent upon the budget, and the budget is likewise dependent upon the design.

Our role, and the role of the design process during its early stages, is to facilitate our client’s ability to make the best decisions possible.  We do this by providing budget information, answering questions, making suggestions, and recommending a course of action that will suit each particular situation.  Midway through the process our task is to design spaces that are creative & unique, highly attractive, and according to standards of quality that have been practiced for centuries.  At the end of the process our task is to insure that the landscape is built to our high standards of craftsmanship, and in keeping with the design intent.


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